BY DIYA SHAH          11yrs

I am the waterfall.

I see… the mist, swirling, whirling, around

my body. Its like a soft blanket, protecting me from

the cold.

I see…my clear, blue, sparkling water, rushing

down happily to the pretty pool below.

Splashing with a little ker-plop! I see… all the

little animals rushing down from the mountain

side to get a drink of my clear, cool, bubbling

water. They say my water is the most wonderful

water in the world.

I hear… the wind whistling through trees

and mountains. Wrestling birds from their nests. The

wind howls and shrieks in the cold winter

weather. Nothing can defeat them. Not even me.

When the wind whips, it destroys  my perfect

pattern of water, taking me ages to rearrange.  I

hear… my own self roaring, singing, talking, to

anyone who comes by.

I myself admit, I am quite the chatterbox!

I hear… the trees singing along in the

rhythm of my waters.

Dancing long, long into the night.

Swaying gracefully, showing off new moves.

I touch… the smooth rock walls of the

mountains, sheltering me from the storm. They

hover over me, bending and curving. I touch…

the velvety skin of the mist, clinging to my

body. It sticks to me, in a good way, like a soft

new layer of snow. I touch… the grey rough

stone keeping me together. A part of me. It has

traveled with me all through these years.

He is like a nice bodyguard protecting me.

I taste… the silky, cold, smooth, mist falling

gently, slowly, majestically into my mouth.

Filling me up.

So sweet. I taste… the love all around me.

Hugging me like I am a soft fluffy blanket.

I taste… the wisdom from the mountains.

Old with age, but still young and beautiful.

Their wisdom surrounds me like a

safe, strong, sturdy wall.

I wonder… when will I be free from this

mountain? Free from these boulders holding me

together I am too scared to find out. Free to go

join that clear pool of water below me. So close,

but yet, so far.

I wonder… when will my time end? I have been

here so long, watching the world go by. When

will I finally wear away? Will I ever? I

wonder… what shall I do next? These droplets

are my life. I am nothing without them. What

would I be like if I ever left them?

I remember… my childhood. Just a little

sprinkle trickling down the mountain. Playing

with the chipmunks and birds. Those were the

good days.

I remember… when the sun used to shine.

Making rainbows. Making the water sparkle.

Making happiness. I remember… all my

brothers and sisters. They were the best of


Giggling and  laughing we would

play through the day.

Then, finally the dreaded day befell us.

The day all the mountains warned us about.

The day we all came together to

form a big waterfall.

Now it is just me.

I feel… lonely. I am alone. Just me.

Me and the silent hard boulders.

Me and the rocky mountains, lost in thought.

Me and the soft mysterious mist.

Me and the loneliness surrounding me.

I feel… the love. Love.

All around me.

Radiating from everything.

The trees, the animals, the mountains, and much

much more. They are nothing much, but lots to


I feel… the happiness. Everywhere!

Extending througho

ut the land. Nothing else.

I am the waterfall.

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